Under the slogan ‘anything is possible, nothing is obligatory’ we organize all-inclusive packages. Furthermore, we are flexible, professional and creative in finding ways to work together with you to put together a package for large or small groups or couples and also individuals.

Wine & Cognac Tour 2017

la vendange. The smell of fermenting grapes is spread all over and tractors are riding off and on pulling huge lorries filled with grapes to the wineries. The weather conditions, the quality of the grapes and subsequent wine is the talk of the town in the South West of France.

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Full Swing enjoyment Golf Package (€ 495,-)

You will not only enjoy your golf game, but you’ll get a taste of the ‘bon vivant’ lifestyle.
The golf courses are all in marvellous settings. One with an ocean view, another in the middle of the famous Cognac vineyards, a third surrounded by an idyllic, rural landscape. Read more…

Wedding plans?

Are you looking for a unique location for your wedding plans in France? A unique day in your life? Unique wedding planners? And a unique price? Read more…

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