wat is duurzaamheid


is to ensure that we deal with our planet in such a way that our children and future generations can continue to meet their needs. 
Sustainability = ensuring that the earth remains habitable.

That is close to our hearts:

  • We separate our waste completely according to the applicable rules.
  • We use as many 'green' cleaning agents as possible.
  • We try to reduce our electricity consumption through a growing amount of 'green' energy, the use of LED lighting, timers, ...
  • We are trying to reduce our water consumption by installing energy-saving showers and choosing energy-efficient washing machines and drying cabinets.
  • An important part of our heating and hot water comes from geothermal energy. Our heat pump helps us to reduce costs.
  • We measure our water and electricity consumption on a weekly basis so that we can intervene quickly in the event of any irregularities.
  • We try to buy locally. We like to cook with regional products and use vegetables from our own vegetable garden as much as possible.
  • We offer a shuttle service for guests who want to travel by public transport.

But we would also like to support a few projects outside our domain:

  • The Etablissements et Services d'Aide par le Travail (ESAT) are medical-social institutions that focus on the social and professional integration of disabled adults.  They employ people who, due to their work capacity, are unable to work in a normal or adapted company or to carry out a self-employed professional activity. In this context, we would like to call upon the laundry of ADEI - Accompagner, Développer, Eduquer, Insérer - in Jonzac to wash and iron an important part of our linen.
  • La glanerie du moulin in Pons is a recycling centre run by the Socio Culturel Centre in Pons. It is an organisation that collects donations, revalues them, redistributes them in order to give them a second life and to make people aware of sustainable development. Much of our crockery and furniture is bought there.