Wine Week

les vendanges au Domaine la Fontaine

les vendanges au Domaine la Fontaine

Discover our creative wine tour (English version)

A wine trip? Seems a bit corny to me ... Driving from chateau to chateau to taste (mostly too) expensive wines while listening to a boring recitation of uninteresting numbers, pfff ...

Not so! From the start, we decided. We don't want a ten a penny wine tour. Ours is to be something special, a unique experience with adventures and lots of fun! So forget everything you know about classic wine tours, because this will be an journey to remember. For over two years, we worked passionately on this programme. Numerous activities needed to be tested, wines tasted, extraordinary places explored and interesting people encountered… We deliberately deviate from the traditional well-trodden wine paths, it's definitely going to be more than just wine, because those who know us, know that we like to think outside of the box .  So, we can't wait to take you on this unforgettable voyage of discovery.

What's on the programme?

  • cycle through the vineyards and test theory against practice on the spot 
  • learn from a barrel maker how to make barrels and discover what magical effects the wood has on the wine 
  • walk through Saint-Emilion and travel through history 
  • search for fairies in mysterious blue springs 
  • compose your own wine bottle it and take your own personalised bottle home
  • test your sense of smell and discover all the subtle aromas of wine 
  • taste Pineau des Charentes straight from the barrel and discover its rich flavours 
  • go back in time ⏳ in the chai of a small, but very special cognac manufacturer near Cognac and taste the richness of its many years of ageing 
  • discover the beautiful region around Bordeaux: the estuary with its meandering rivers, the sun-drenched hills filled with endless rows of vines, the old villages with their long history, the tranquility of the countryside and of course our own welcoming Domaine la Fontaine ⛲ 
  • indulge in all the exciting surprises
  • ...

And on top of this, you can enjoy delicious meals with paired wines and the fascinating stories of our friend, vinologist and wine DJ Wim Van Doninck of Mon Vin
Of course, we think of 'safety first' : you get to taste and we sit at the wheel as your designated driver !


You come to Soubran under your own steam. You can do so by car (carpooling is possible) or by train (we will pick you up at the station). Dates on request.


We keep it simple and easy, just like life in the French countryside :

For €1995 per person, you will enjoy a unique experience of 6 full days and 7 nights, including our elaborate breakfast, light lunches and delicious dinners. Everything is included: activities, tastings and also all transport during the whole week. And, of course you get the best of the best from our expert, Wim.

If you come as a couple and stay together in 1 room, you will pay  € 3490 for 2 people (only € 1745 per person).

No hassle with extra charges, just all in. As crystal clear as a glass of Sauvignon Blanc!

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